Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Idea

For my body painting I have decided to do 2 but this is only if I can fit them both in my first will be a recreation of this painting by Gustav Klimt, which I know has been done and used a lot in other ways but I really like this painting and thought it could be quite an effective body paint.

If I have time, this will be second one- I will not copy the picture but I would like to do something extremely similar as I really like it.

so there you have it my two design ideas for my body paint, I'd love the show you the working out in my head of how I got to these 2 picture, but my brain adds everything up so quickly that I forget to right it down, I will however attempt to explain later on as my thought process comes together.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Easter Break

Instead of enjoying much needed time off and home cooked food, I shall be found floating around Southampton on my lonesome, trying to put together my final shoot, THE BODY PAINT!
This is either going to be really amazing or a complete disaster! the most import things for me to remember when designing this are-

has it been done before (to death)
I'm a able to actually do it
is it effective enough
is it creative enough
time management! how long is it going to take

With all this in mind her are my ideas so far and reasons for or against doing them.

The Silver Body-
originally I was looking at Gold Finger as my main point of influence, but really like these images, but this type of look has been done to death! its pretty simple although it is effective, it maybe not be considered crazy creative! but the good would have been that it wouldn't have taken long to achieve, but finding the correct products to create the shine may have been trial and error.

Black Oil-
This look has pretty much the same reasoning behind the above, the only different would be the product as this bold glossy black colour may be harder to create without having to use something like real oil, and I don't think I am comfortable using such product on a model as I have to consider them as well as my work.

Hidden in a pattern-
I really loved this idea and love the concept of hiding a model in a painting, and although it show a high skill in art, I kind of think it has been done a lot, so this is being put on the list of maybes.

Painting recreation-
This is my work from second year, I adored the idea of finding a painting and creating  it, I chose (I think like most) to use body paint, for this it was grease paints I was creating a lot of shading and flesh tones, the whole body was covered in paint but made to look like skin. This idea is one that I think is really going to stand out as its not done to death and it show a skill and also is hiding the model in the painting, now its just a case of deciding what painting!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Yeah so I had a small/minor panic attack as I stupidly was talking to others about their FMP's and thought to myself that maybe I was doing enough work, although to me I have been working pretty much everyday on my project for the last couple of months, I realise that the first 6 weeks or so was mainly research and maybe up until the very end of Feb beginning of March I was mainly doing all the planning and organising of my shoots. but anyway I frightened myself, I spoke to my tutor about this a she didn't say yes or no but she just called me silly! so I hope that means that I have done enough, she did however advise me to do another shoot just to add to the film and to show a wider range of my skills, so I shall be re introducing my idea of body painting, but only I shall not be using my original idea of James Bond, I am now thinking of putting the model into a painting or picture, which I realise has been done a lot but it really does show skill, so this is what I shall be planning to do in the couple of days.

Feed Back

So had my tutors look at the first edition of my film, they didn't hate but I wouldn't say that they loved it either and to be fair I new that there was something missing as I didn't love love love it, like I did with the Tatty Devine, at first I thought maybe it was because it was my second film so it wasn't as exciting to watch as the first time, but then I knew something was missing when my friends said it was lovely and ok, which meant that my feelings were right and that I need to have a rethink. I knew that I wasn't happy with the music and after watching more YouTube reels I have decided to sod the royalty issue and use the song I want or that will work well and if I get a letter asking me to remove it then I will. My tutors also disliked the music, so it is defiantly going to be changed, now to just find my song!
Also the feed back was that I needed to streamline the video as it was too busy, I'm not quite sure what was meant by "streamline" but I'm going on the basis of simplifying and having less movement in my still images, and also removing clips that don't have a reference point and I was told to add more clips of me doing the makeup, which I really don't want to do as I hate seeing myself on camera but if that is what is needed then it has to be done, I think it does help to show my skills off and sell me as a product.

L x

First Edition.

So the first edition of the film is complete it took longer than we thought as I had a issue with the music, I was desperate to find a song that was royalty free so that I wouldn't have any issue but after trawling through hundreds of websites and songs I couldn't find one that I liked enough to use, final my editor Jonathan Boxall introduced me one of his friends who create basic beats, we found that would suit and that wasn't too loud or quick.

Jon did everything I ask him to do and the editing was perfect and he really put up with a lot, as I asked a lot from him, the good thing is that we're very good friends so he's used to it. the only thing he asked was that I keep him is skittles and fruit pastels.

working hard!


Here's another makeup reel that I really like, although there is no reference to to actually makeup artist as such apart from the contact details so in a way its a little impersonal but guess its professional.


After speaking with my teacher at the very beginning of this project, she told me that this film had to be around the 1 minute 30 second mark as anything too long will lose the views interest. With this in mind I decided to look through lots of youtube video's to see what the best time would really be. Most official film trailers are around 2 and a half to 3 minutes but I need to take into account that my film reel hasn't got to sell a whole film so it doesn't rally need to tell a narrative, it's mainly about selling ME as a product. 
I also decided to look at other makeup artist's reels to see what they did and how they presented their work. To be fair there weren't many that were great, most were for special effect makeup and body paint, most that I came across were american makeup artist and the video's are a little cheesy, I feel bad saying that but I have to be honest and look at them as competition.
This video stood out for me as it quite simply done but i think its effective, its just ashame that the quality is not great but I guess that YouTube for you.

And heres another-