Sunday, 27 February 2011

Notes fro Class.

Jane and Elizabeth have been amazing in being totally honest and telling us exactly what the industry is really like and what will be excepted of us as we head into the real world,  so over the last 3-4 weeks I have made a collections of very very important notes and tid bits that Jane and Elizabeth have told us, as my notes in my pad are all over the place I'm putting them all together on here so they will read also like a mission statement.
 For My Images-
  • always keep on record the time, date, location and crew names.
  • for shoots think of a title to focus my thoughts into the creation.
  • look at photographers for inspiration, as thats what every great designer is doing.
  • test, test, test, and then test again!
  • make a call sheet for all of my shoots, so all info is at arms reach, plus a good way of keeping track of your work experience.
  • get a sense of life into the picture, (movement, think Jerry Hall!)
  • Always think about content and context! whats in the foreground, whats in the background, why? what does everything say, what do the clothing items say.
  • think and talk about what you see in the images created, what is the image trying to say, what does it actually say?
  • Crop shots if you need to play with different crops, this can make images more interesting.
  • give your model something to do, give them direction, maybe a scenario or character to be. 
  • open and close the mouth for a variety of images every time.
  • think about the use of colour, maybe one colour but different shades of it.
  • hair doesn't always need to be considered, you can use a hat or something that covers the hair, like a swimming hat or lamp shade. this may add more focus on the face.
  • you can create am image using just a section of the face like the lips.
This stuff maybe obvious, but somtimes I just don't think about the bigger picture so very helpful for me. X 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Show Girl Continued...

For this image I have so far emailed locations such as the MayFlower, the Nuttfield and the Chesil -all theatre is my area. I have also contacted the costumer shop in London called Angels to see what the have to offer and to find out if they are having a sale- they are still discussing whether or not to have a sale and if they do what to sell so still watching that space, I have also been looking at a designer called Kieron Le Vine in regards to a head piece for the showgirl but am a little undecided at the moment due to the work being incredible but very current, so Im not sure at the moment how this will fit with the vintage feel of the overall shoot but we'll see. I have also contacted a few models over modelmayhem to see if they will be interested in working with me, if not I have sent some emails to model agency to see if any of their on the books models what some head shots, I am trying to keep the costs down at the moment though so really want to avoid paying for a model when there are so many about for free. Update complete


As luck would have it, I was approached by a photographer to work on a shoot involving boxing! as my plan was to create this theme by myself I jumped at the chance- the shoot will be taking place in 2-3 weeks once we've sorted out all the details and basically I will be creating the makeup style for the overall look. The photographer already has models and location set up its just a case of getting organised, so exciting that all I have to really do is my J.O.B nice! this is the pic that was sent to me as a reference point-

Only the images will be of 2 male fighters and not female!


The Lovers

This photo shoot has been organised to happed the week beginning the 14th of March - I will be creating the photo shoot in Bournemouth as the photographer I have be able to work with has a studio based there, my photographer for this shoot will be Michael Roscoe,  my very talented cousin Lou Clarke who I have worked with before has said she will do the styling for the image if she is free so fingers crossed, and currently my female model will be Jacqueline Boulton who in a word is simply stunning- and my male model will hopefully be Amar Santana. (if they are both Available!)

 the main inspiration for this image came from the film posters so this will be the type of image created-

Another image that I am really looking at for inspiration was taken from my new guest lecturer website, if I incorporate all the different factors from each of my images I sure I can create something beautiful.



She has been probably the single greatest influence of my project I love the way she builds the image to create a story within a still. here are some of the pictures that I am using as my influence in my The Lovers images.

Wow been a while

OK so firstly its been a few days or actually a whole week since I up dated this but I am not worried as I have been super busy with organising a stuff and basically just trying to sort stuff out so now I will up date the blog with all the new and silly things that have been running through my head. Enjoy! x x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Film We Made!

This was a film that was made whilst I was working on set for TattyDevine creating the makeup and hair looks for their name necklace shoot. I asked Milly Clarke to come along to film the shoot and then edit it to be almost the same way that I want my visual business card, so heres the final piece,

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Edwardian Photographs

These are purely to help me understand the actual look of the Edwardian era if I chose to recreate something from this time period. X

Last Years Painting Reconstruction

This was last years painting reconstruction for my timed assessment. the painting is by Tamara Lempicka an art deco artist.

My Period Piece,- painting reconstruction

First ideas of my period piece.

I really love these two paintings so I am really considering recreating one of them, the simplicity of the 2 but the also the perfection of beauty! lovely.

Monday, 7 February 2011

My Photo Shoot First Influence.

This image was created by the amazing Annie Leibovitz, the image is from a collection called Killers kill, dead men die, its a wonderful collection of Hollywood stars set in a 1930's/ 40's styled film, although the film was never real, this is the type of look I want to create with my film stills.
So for the wound image I though it would be cool to use the idea of a boxing match, this would mean that I could include wounds such as split lips and eye brows, broken noses, black eyes, bruised ribs and cheeks, sweat and any other wounds in-flicked from boxing.

(The Lovers)


Body Paint-


Viv Henry

after having a great chat with Viv about my work and career she offered me some wonderful advise in helping with creating my film, she said that to show my best abilities as a film and TV makeup and hair artist, its best to show a wide range of my skills, so she said to show this I needed to create these type of photo shoots in my own way-

  • Period (classic)
  • Standard (natural)
  • Fantasy (special effects or not)
  • Aging (old to young)
  • Wound (nothing too awful)
so with these in mind and my own personal images that I want to include my photo shoots will have these factors inside them.

Viv also gave me some great contacts and other insider information that I can use to find work experience during and after uni which will be really helpful and I must get sorted out very soon.

Show Girl Continued...

Following on from the first images I then looked at different backstage images of showgirls and these are what I found, I have quite a few but I love them all and it give me a better range of material to look at, and draw influence from.

The Show Girl

My first inspiration for this photo shoot was this picture, I love it, I want to create something similar to think set up so I will now be looking for costume, location, model and a photographer to help create the final image. I decided a while ago that it would make sense to create images that could also be film stills, so here is the first idea.

A Visual Business Card

Creating a visual business card, this will be a series of photo shoots that I will arrange, and have filmed and shot to then be edited together to create a short 90 second film reel type of film. this is the type of editing I will be using the mix of footage and still images.

The Beginning!

Ok so this is the second time I have had to do this now as have completely lost the last one, brilliant.
SO anyway this is my personal blog for my FMP, this is purely for photographers, models, stylist, teachers and anyone else interested can see what I am doing over the next few months and where I have got too in the development of my work, shoots and general everyday work.