Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Heres a sneak peak into my Boxing Shoot, unfortunately one of my male model called in ill on the morning of the shoot, but I decided to go ahead with the female fighters and just have a single male fighter as I had already had to reschedule the shoot to the Monday from the Friday due to us not being able to get a HD camera to film the shoot.  So here are the pic's from the boxing ring-


Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Butterfly Shoot.

Thursday the 24th of March- so I get up at 8, as I have to be ready to pick up my beautiful model from the train station at 9am, I'd be clever the night before an set everything up ready to go in the morning, so all my hair stuff was sorted and the makeup was at hand, I'd even moved the TV in my room round for her to watch whilst I work on the hair style.
9am I head down to the station to pick Milly (model) up, then we head back to my house to get one with the makeup and hair, whilst we watch a bit of Jezza K!  heres a peak at what Milly looks like

11am the rest of the gang turn up- James the amazing photographer, Tilly the wonderful stylist and Milly extemely talented film maker and house mate! lucky me!
We all packed up the car and make our way to a location called Fursey Gardens  which my teacher Sue Maidstone had mentioned to me, and I had then called that day, Ms Spencer of the gardens was so helpful and I was surprised at how easily they said yes, I was excepting to have to do some convincing but none was needed.
The journey only took like 25 minutes and it was really easy to find (thanks to sat nav!) once we got there I ran in and introduced myself and offered to pay a donation towards the gardens as it is a charity, which they weren't expecting, its was only £20 as I am running very low on the cash front, and yeah once that was all done they basically let us run free. We got so so lucky on the weather front, if anything it was a little too sunny as Milly the model couldn't open her eyes wide in certain locations, tee hee.

Here are my behind the scene pictures that I took over the course of the day and also a sneak peak into the final images, I was really proud of this shoot, but I think its mainly to do with having a great team of people to work with-


Friday, 25 March 2011

The butterfly

Makeup ideas for my look,
I was told that I needed to have a strong eye liner look and and strong hair up look, so I have decided to combine the two just so that I can cover all my bases. So here is what I am thinking or similar too

My hair up will probably be something similar to this-


Butterfly lover!

My butterfly shoot, came around the corner very quickly indeed, I've been so busy with other people's shoots that I forgot to blog about my own so heres what you missed.
I had decided to try and find an artist that could create/make/build me some large butterflies that I could use in my photo shoot, so I put a shout out on the uni portal looking for someone. A wonderful artist called Alice who is a first year fine art student contact me and said she'd be happy to help so here is what she created!


Sunday, 20 March 2011


Me and Keiron met up to go and find some stuff for the head dress, we got feather and wire!
here is the work finished!!!


Busy Busy Bee!

Been a crazy couple of weeks,
I have been so busy with other people shoots that my work kinda feel off the radar, my own fault as I can't say no! but I've had to get mean a start to turn people down, as it was to the point where I was double booking myself! so just say no.

But I am pleased to say that my first shoot was on Saturday the 19th (yesterday) and it went well I think, I was actually a lot calmer than anyone could believe, it just shows that if you plan plan plan, it cant really go wrong. We had a pretty big team which was cool, altogether there were 7 of us- 2 photographers Danielle- my head photographer, Alysha- second photographer and assistant, Joe- camera man, Keiron- head dress maker, assistant and star helper, Chloe- assistant (my rock) and of course the beautiful Kimmi- the model.

My day started with me getting up 7 (after about 5 and a half hours sleep) getting ready I then checked the car over just to make sure it was clean, tidy, oil, water and all that jazz, I then nipped to the shop to get a bunch of flowers for the shoot, so lucky actually as they only had yellow and orange mixed flowers so perfect for me! I then sat naved my way over the Kimmi's place to get her, and brought her back to mine to start on the makeup and hair whilst we watched Dick and Dom!
the team all met up at mine for 10am then we packed up the cars and made our way to Winchester to the Chesil Theatre, we then got up packed and I finished the makeup. then the fun began! so here are a few pic's that the wonderful Keiron took as my camera decided to have a hissy fit so we only managed one pic on mine!

And here are a few tasters of what we did!


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Butterfly,

For my fantasy look I have filming decided on a look,
I basically want to create a butterfly themed shoot, as I have these beautiful eyelashes that have butterflies on them and I also would like a strong hair look and eyeliner look, it was the plan to incorporate both of these into one design but it maybe too much detail and too much going on, so i think I will rethink this ideas but here are the lashes that inspired me!
This is a image created by Tim Walker, that really influenced me to think, more simply on the fantasy side, I realised that my fantasy doesn't have to be over the top and crazy to be fantasy it can be simple and effect.

My first set of inspiration images-

Next set-

L x