Saturday, 7 May 2011


So the last few weeks have been epically busy, I have barely had time to sleep let alone update this blog, I have however been writing down comments and thought of stuff as I have been going so I am going to basically type up what I have. enjoy.

So much has happened over the last few weeks, my plans of creating a body paint went out of the window as I had some filming work experience come up, but the good thing was that I managed to film some behind the scenes action to use in my film, the plan right from the start of this project was too gain work experience in my chosen career path of film and use this within the project but at the time of proposal there was nothing on the horizon so I chose to plan photoshoots instead. But just when I was starting to put together the body paint I then got the option to be head and only makeup artist on a student film for a friend so of course  I put the body paint on the back burner and did 6 days on set instead.
I then email a contact that works in TV in the makeup department and she said that its best to really show the field that I want to go into, so the body the paint kinda when out of the window.

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