Monday, 9 May 2011

A final word.

Thats it I'm done, the work is all finished I shall be handing the work in, in about an hour, final reflection- I was pleased, super pleased with the way the whole thing turned out, I love it when a plan comes together, this obviously wasn't all my own doing I want to say a massive thank you to Danielle Pullin, James Warwick, Kimmi Haslam, Aemelia Edwards, Sami Weller, Vee Guillermoprieto, Ty Williams, Joe Packham, Milly Clarke, Tom Tricky, Adrianne Tilling, Jon Boxall and a special someone who really has been amazing and so so helpful I honestly wouldn't have been able to finish if you hadn't have step in thank you so much, to Furzey Gardens, the Chisel theatre and Milbrook boxing ring, oh and also to all the shops that I brought and returned costumes too! haha. 

So yeah I'd love to say that I wouldn't change a thing and to be honest the things I would change are so so little that they are almost un important, I think my key to the shoots going so well was the planning time I spent, also that I really spent time find good people to work with and worked with people I have worked with before and that I could trust to work well and that I got on with.

I think it also went smoothly as I had made a practice film before hand of some work that I did, we actually used some of this footage in my final film as it was part of my final project, it was just a test version to see if the idea would actually work, I was so pleased with the out come that I wanted to involve this work too.

right well I'm off to hand in!
final image of my work-


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